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What happens during a visit?
Your home visitor will talk with you about the topics that matter most to you about your baby and your family—feeding, crying, development and many more.

How often do they come?
You and your home visitor will talk about what will work best for your family on the first visit: Weekly, monthly or something in between. These can change at any time based on your needs.

How long does a visit last?
Typically a visit lasts between 1 and 1 ½ hours but really depends on how often you get together and what works best for you.

If there is no charge, who pays for this?
Maine Families is offered through local agencies or hospitals and is funded by grants from the federal government, as part of the Affordable Care Act, and from the State of Maine.

What if I don't feel like I need to continue visits?
You can decide to discontinue visits at any time. Some parents have a few visits while they are expecting and through the early months of adjusting to life with a new baby. Others who can benefit from support over a longer period of time can choose to receive visits up until their child turns 3.

What is this all about anyway?
The early years of life are critical to your child's later success in school and in life. Maine Families believes every child deserves the best possible start and that all parents should have the supports they need to give their child that great start.

Is it possible to meet someplace else besides my home?
Yes, for various reasons, it doesn't always work for everyone to meet at their homes. Talk to your home visitor about meeting at another location.

My partner and I both work on weekdays. Can we still participate?
It is often possible to meet with your home visitor after work and sometimes even on Saturdays.

Can my partner be at visits too?

I don't own a personal computer. How do I access Maine Families with my cell phone?
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