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Being a parent is a really important job. We know that you want the best for your kids, and that parenting is not always easy. Every parent deserves the support of someone to help along the way. Maine Families’ caring and professional Family Visitors help parents access information and resources that can support the physical and emotional health of their babies and the entire family.

Maine Families is offered to all families who are expecting or have a new baby at home. Maine Families' certified Family Visitors can provide information, encouragement, and support around topics that matter to you regarding health, nutrition, safety, development, and your family's well-being. Best of all, they will come to you at your convenience and at no cost to you!

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How Family Visiting Supports New Mainers

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What is Family Visiting?

Maine Families is a statewide network of community partners serving the needs of pregnant people and parents with newborns. The Maine Families Program understands that all parents want the best for their babies.

No matter what you need to give your family a great start, we are here to help you. If you are expecting a new baby or have a baby less than three months old, you qualify to receive free visits and support from Maine Families.

Family visits are a time to:

  • Focus on your pregnancy, newborn, or toddler.
  • Learn about your child's development.
  • View educational videos and resource materials.
  • Ask a Parents as Teachers certified Family Visitor questions about parenting.

Your Visitor will meet with you in the comfort and privacy of your own home to:

  • Provide you with prenatal support and give you information about childbirth and fetal development.
  • Share information on breastfeeding/bodyfeeding and nutrition tips for you and your baby as they grow and develop.
  • Share information about what you may expect at different ages and stages of your baby's development.
  • Share toys, books, and games to help you encourage your baby's healthy growth.
  • Provide you with helpful tools and ideas for meeting the daily challenges of parenting.
  • Help you connect with other community services and resources for additional support.