Your Childs Health

One of the most important features of participating in Maine Home Visiting programs is gaining access to the best possible child health care information. The following links address some common health concerns you may have, including immunizations, child development, safety and finding a doctor near you. Please ask your home visitor for more information on applying for Maine Care. Visit the Web site your pediatrician recommends. Backed by 60,000 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) member physicians, offers the most reliable, up-to-the-minute health advice for proactive parents and caregivers. Find expert information on more than 300 children's health topics, tips, tools, schedules, checklists, and much more

Maine WIC: This website provides information about Maine WIC, a nutrition program for thousands of Maine families. WIC provides all kinds of families with free nutrition advice, tips for staying healthy, recipes and resources for growing families. You'd be surprised who qualifies.

Find Health and safety information for parents of children birth to three at the Center for Disease Control

Finding Child Care

    When you have to go back to work or simply want to provide your child with opportunities to socialize, it is important to find safe and appropriate child care.

    What to Ask when Looking for Child Care...

  • How many children and caregivers are there?
  • How many children does one caregiver have responsibility for watching at one time?
  • What activities are offered to the children during child care hours?
  • How are parents involved in the program?
  • Are parents encouraged to be a part of your program?
  • How will you make sure that my child stays healthy and eats well?
  • Is your child care center cleaned regularly?
  • Are all the toys disinfected on a regular basis?
  • Do caregivers wash their hands before handling food, especially after changing diapers, blowing noses, and taking children to the toilet?
  • Are all medications stored safely out of the reach of children?
  • How do you handle a child who misbehaves?
  • What kind of learning activities do you involve the children in?
  • How will you make sure that my child is safe?
  • How will you make sure that my child is safe?
  • Do you offer separate activities for children in different age groups?
  • Do you offer separate activities for children in different age groups?

Your Child's Development

In addition to providing a safe, healthy and loving environment, parents play a significant role in their child’s social, intellectual and emotional development. While every child learns differently and at a different pace, new parents can watch for milestones appropriate to their child’s age. The following links will connect you to useful information about brain development

From Zero to Three. The first three years of a child's life feature amazing development. Parents can, and do, influence all areas of their babies' development. This site provides important age-appropriate information on what's going on with your child and what you can do to support your child's development.

Born Learning: Born Learning helps caregivers explore ways to turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities.

Cooperative Extension Center for Parenting Education: Being a parent, grandparent, or caregiver can be challenging at times. University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides research-based information for parents and caregivers in Maine.

Fathers play an important role in the parenting of their children. Boot Camp for Dads and The National Center for Fathering offers insight and inspiration to fathers.